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Why Send a Sympathy Card to your Clients?

By Michael O'Donoghue

The last thing you want is for your clients to think you don’t care about them or their pets. Pet Loss Sympathy Cards are the perfect way to be there when they need you most… but, whatever you do, don’t risk your reputation by offending your clients with a sub-standard card. Unfortunately, gone are the days of ‘it’s the thought that counts’… the standard of expected customer care is higher than ever before. People today want more…

Understanding Loss and Grief

By Michael O'Donoghue

Is the grief of pet loss different to other losses? Often, the loss of a pet is disregarded by others as unimportant. But losing a pet can be very significant and the grief can be as intense as or greater than when a person dies. Grief is such an individual experience that each person’s experience it unique to them. The problem is that it is often not openly acknowledged, publicly mourned or socially supported…

The day I learned grief isn’t always as it seems…

By Michael O'Donoghue

As vets, we are on the frontline when it comes to helping people through their grief. There was one particular encounter, for me, that became pivotal moment in the way that I related to pet owners in my practice. It serves as a reminder still, of how differently grief can affect people – and how we, as vets, are in a unique position to support our customers in this troubled time.

The benefits of pets and the ‘Human Animal Bond’

By Michael O'Donoghue

The Human Animal Bond is the basis for small animal practice; without the bond there would be no small animal practice. Veterinarians need to be aware of the human animal bond in every decision they make, as pets affect different people in different ways. Pets also benefit society in numerous ways and vets need to support, communicate and lobby for…

Supporting your clients through pet loss

By Michael O'Donoghue

If you are looking for a way to help your clients through the grief of losing their pet and you know it will take more than sending a generic sympathy card…. you’re certainly in the right place! I have always had a special interest in the human animal bond and I knew there had to be a better way to help vet practices give grieving pet owners they support they need…

St Francis of Assisi

By Michael O'Donoghue

St Francis of Assisi is my favourite saint, as he is the Patron Saint of Animals. St Francis teaches us that all of creation is part of Gods work and that he loved all creation. His feast day is October 4th, which has been declared World Animal Day. I have also designed a range of cards as part of The Assisi Project…

Pet Loss Sympathy Cards

By Michael O'Donoghue

When someone is grieving it can be difficult to find the right words… A tastefully designed People & Pets sympathy card with the contact details for compassionate and highly experienced pet loss counsellors could be the best gift your grieving friend or client ever receives…

How well is your client coping with the loss of their pet? Do you know?

By Michael O'Donoghue

One day, their world is turned upside down… they have to deal with the death of their closest confidant and friend. Grief has the capacity to transform people…they can either become bitter and twisted or more loving and compassionate people – depending on how the grief is processed. This also affects when and if they will get another pet and…

How to Show You Care When Your Clients Need It Most

By Michael O'Donoghue

Sometimes when a pet is gone, our clients need us the most… Pets are an important part of the modern day family. Now more than ever before, pets are becoming like children in the family unit. Just like the parent of a sick child… your client will be highly stressed and critical of everything going on around them…

Branding your vet surgery

By Michael O'Donoghue

Yes, you and your vet surgery needs a brand. Why? randing is a key way communicate your strengths and qualities to your clients. It is a key way to reinforce what you represent and it is key defence against being an average ordinary commonplace vet surgery. Branding is essential to standout from the crowd…