Sometimes when a pet is gone, our clients need us the most...

Pets are an important part of the modern day family. Now more than ever before, pets are becoming like children in the family unit. When someone sees an animal almost as a surrogate child - they become more emotionally attached.

Just like the parent of a sick child… your client will be highly stressed and critical of everything going on around them.

You don’t want the last time they deal with you to be a bad experience.

Several Vets I have spoken to about this issue become concerned about spending money on a client they may never see again… this is the wrong attitude to have.

Pet owners are what make a Veterinary Business successful… not the animals. What some vets fail to realise is, even though the pet has died they will usually own a pet again in the future when they are finished grieving. This is important to know and should help you to see why getting this right is vital to the longevity of your practice.

pet love - human animal bond

For The Vet Practice Who Knows it is Good Business to Care About Their Clients' Feelings…

The loss of a pet is painful for your clients...
... and the loss of your clients is painful for YOUR practice!


My name is Michael O’Donoghue and I am passionate about helping busy vets, like yourself, find the delicate balance between showing they still care about their clients and being a profitable business.

Our world is constantly changing. Whether we like it or not… everything we do is under the watchful eye of the public. The way our practice looks or feels, the treatments we deliver - and even how we treat the pet owner after the death of their pet.

Your reputation is on the line every time you deal with a client.

Even if you and your team were wonderful, courteous and professional to deal with… some people will only remember the last thing they experienced and it only takes one negative experience for everything else to be forgotten.

So what can you to do help your client?

How can you show them that you care - when they need it most?

If you want to keep your clients happy, even in their saddest times... then this will be the most important white paper you will read… perhaps ever.

The dos and don'ts of sympathy cards...

Sending a sympathy card shows you care about your client… and many Veterinary Clinics will send one thinking they are doing the right thing… but sometimes these cards are not so well received.

Little does our vet know, their attempt at reaching out and showing they cared has backfired. The sympathy card has offended the client - and in days gone by, they would have told their friends about being offended… nowadays they tell the world!

Unfortunately, gone are the days of “It’s the thought that counts”. The standard of expected customer care is higher than ever before. People today want more.

But how do you know what will offend people and what won’t?

I make it easy for you.

I’ve researched the top reasons why pet sympathy cards offend people and I found some of them quite surprising.

Read my report:

The Three Biggest Mistakes Vets Make When Sending a Sympathy Card

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Pet Loss Cards

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Through People and Pets I have designed a range of petloss cards with photos that are tasteful and wellliked by recipients.

Sending a People and Pets Pet Loss Card shows you care about your client, your reputation and your business!

If you are a vet who knows it's good business to care about your client's feelings...

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- Mike

How to Show You Care When Your Clients Need It Most