People and Pets are a great mix!

Together, they can share some of life’s best moments and are there for each other when life isn’t so kind. The bond between them is unbreakable… until the end comes.

Death is never a nice topic of conversation, but as a vet, you know it is an important part of the life cycle. Beginnings and endings are a part of our everyday life. For our clients though… they don’t have the same frequent exposure or experiences as we do.

No Matter How Expected Death is... It Still Hits People Hard!

Our clients are busy living their life and enjoying time with their pet… oblivious to the time passing. Some of them truly do “grow old together”. Until one day, their world is turned upside down… they have to deal with the death of their closest confidant and friend.

Grief is a Personal Journey

Pet loss and grief can last weeks, to months to years. Often it goes unrecognised as even the individual misunderstands the grief they feel about their own pets… Pet Loss Counsellors call this “disenfranchised grief”.

People may hide their grief, but eventually it shows up in the form of depression or other signs of poor mental health, as they fail to deal with their grief effectively.

Grief has the capacity to transform people…they can either become bitter and twisted or more loving and compassionate people depending on how the grief is processed. This also affects when and if they will get another pet and how they will bond with this new pet.

 A Sympathy Card May Not be Enough… The old idea of “It’s the thought that counts” is not enough anymore. Grieving pet owners need and deserve more…

No More Suffering in Silence…

When a person loses a human loved one… there is such a huge out pouring of emotion from everyone around them. People will do everything they can to support the grieving person. But, when someone loses a pet… it is a different story.

When a person dies, grieving friends and family can seek counselling services to help them in their hour of need.

The grieving pet owner needs the same service. The only problem is pet loss counsellors are hard to find...

Support When They Need it Most!

People and Pets have made it easier for people to find the help they need. On the back of each sympathy card is the name and phone number of two fully qualified and experienced pet loss counsellors.

The pet loss counsellors are fully qualified… Unfortunately, many grief counsellors are not comfortable talking about pet loss and grief. They are also fully screened by a Vet to ensure your clients receive the help they need… and your reputation is protected….

Show you really care about them...

...and send a Pet Loss Sympathy Card specialled designed by People & Pets.

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Sending a Sympathy Card May Make You Feel Good…

But What About Your Client?

If you want to keep your clients happy, even in their saddest times…

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When Your Clients Need It Most

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How well is your client coping with the loss of their pet? Do you know?