Mare and Foal

You are great at what you do and as you know… it takes a special kind of person to be a Vet.

The last thing you want is for your clients to think you don’t care about them or their pets. Giving them a sympathy card with the numbers of approved, qualified and highly experienced pet loss counsellors could be the best gift they ever receive.

You will be sending them a card anyway… why not give them the help they need at the same time? It is the perfect way for your clients to know how much you care about them… and to provide them with the support they need.


Cards From The Heart… To The Heart

People & Pets pet loss cards are tastefully designed and will help you...

  • connect with your client and provide support in their time of need
  • let your client know you care and reflect your sympathy for their loss
  • share the details of People & Pets recommended pet loss counsellors, just in case the pet owner needs some extra support with their grief
  • leave a positive, lasting impression with your client - and keep your practice in the foremind of their mind

Many Veterinary Clinics will send a sympathy card thinking they are doing the right thing… but sometimes these cards are not so well received. Unfortunately, gone are the days of “It’s the thought that counts”. The standard of expected customer care is higher than ever before. People today want more.

The People & Pets Pet Loss Sympathy Cards are a perfect way for you to be there for you clients when they need you most. Simply contact me and I will send you a sample of the cards so you can see for yourself how they will fit into your business.

Help them WHERE and WHEN they need it most!

We have made it easy for you…
to make it easy for your clients.


Check out our Pet Loss Cards today!

But how do you know what will offend people and what won’t?

Whatever you do, don’t risk your reputation by offending your clients with a sub-standard sympathy card. You and your clients deserve more.


Don't risk making these mistakes...

I have researched the most common reasons why pet sympathy cards offend people - and I found some of them quite surprising! Learn what to avoid in my report...

Why Send a Sympathy Card to your Clients?