This story below really motivates me to want to invest in pet friendly property.
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Originally published by Kelli Downey | 11th April 2011

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Tannum Sands resident Jo-Anne Selff-Rauter is desperately seeking new homes for her cats Cuddles and Rusty. – Chrissy Harris


Should people be allowed to have pets in all rental properties?

Yes – 15%

No – 84%

This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

JO-ANNE Selff-Rauter is facing a heartbreaking dilemma no pet owner should have to face.

The Tannum Sands single mother is being forced to give away her beloved pets to move into a rental home which won’t allow pets.

Distraught at having to give away her pet cats Cuddles and Rusty and dog Missy, Ms Selff-Rauter is desperate to find loving new homes for her animals.

She is facing the looming deadline of two weeks before she must pack her bags and relocate to Brisbane with her daughter Chloe.

“I have got a six-year-old daughter who is very upset about this,” Ms Selff-Rauter said.

“It’s heartbreaking … I cried.

“I am so upset but I am trying to be strong for my daughter.

“It is so hard because they are part of the family.

“This has happened all so fast – it’s heart wrenching.

“I don’t want to put them down.”

Ms Selff-Rauter has been advertising for the past two months in a drastic attempt to re-home her pets.

She already found a home for her eight-year-old maltese-cross Missy, which is now living with a family member in Banana.

Yet she is still to find homes for Cuddles, a 12-year-old black male persian, and Rusty, a three-year-old male rag doll cat.

Both cats are de-sexed.

“They deserve a second chance at life,” Ms Selff-Rauter said.

“Both of them are happy and healthy and need to go to a good home.”

Ms Selff-Rauter said she was restricted to what rental properties she could afford and, unfortunately, this was her only option.

She said many rental properties were not pet-friendly or had special requirements if they were advertised as being so.

“You really need to find out specifically what they class as pet friendly,” Ms Selff-Rauter said.

“There are no guarantees they will accept indoor pets, which mine are.

“I have got a lot of really negative replies from rental agencies when I request to be allowed to move in with my pets.”

Anyone who can assist Ms Selff-Rauter in finding a new home for her two cats can phone her on 4973 9649.


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