Yes, you and your vet surgery needs a brand.




Branding is a key way to communicate your strengths and qualities to your clients.

Branding is your key defence against being an average ordinary commonplace vet surgery.

Branding is a key way to reinforce what you represent.

Branding is essential to standout from the crowd.

The world is not waiting for you your products, your services, without clear communication you will just blend into the scenery. Clients have no qualified abilities to judge the quality of your surgery, your medicine, your hospital, but clients always start making conscious and subconscious decisions about the quality of your surgery the moment they see your surgery from the road or ad in the local paper or yellow pages.

Simply having a brand is no (panacea) solution to veterinary business. The brand must reflect your strengths, qualities and uniqueness. Branding will not create an immediate cash flow in your business, but is a key long term business strategy. Your brand is tangible asset that can be easily transferred when the business is sold.

When a client moves into your area or acquires a new pet they must select a vet surgery for their new pet, they may turn to the yellow pages or pick the surgery by the appearance from the front, or go by word of mouth.

Quality branding helps people choose your surgery.


What is Branding?

Branding is the encapsulation of what your veterinary business is about, it is used to create your logo, mission statement and what makes your veterinary business unique.

Branding is key to everything you do, not just a fancy symbol out front. Your brand should be evident in everything that you do. The way you meet people, the way you do surgery, the way you keep your hospital should reflect your brand. Every staff member should understand and easily communicate your brand.

With a brand that clearly demonstrates your qualities and uniqueness clients will want to come to your surgery to experience your brand of veterinary services. If your service matches the brand they will return to get another “fix”, helping develop a strong and loyal client base who are more likely to recommend and rave about your brand and business to their friends and networks.

Vet Marketing with Michael O'Donoghue

Michael O'Donoghue is a veterinarian who keen on excellence in marketing and works in collaboration with graphic designers to support veterinarian businesses.



Contact Michael to find out how he can help you with branding your surgery...


Michael O'Donoghue and Thorley Creative work with Springfield District Veterinary Clinic:

 "I have a rapidly expanding veterinary and aquarium business which now employs 14 staff. Joe from Thorley Creative is the only graphic designer that I work with. Joe is extremely perceptive, sensitive to the needs of my business and has a good understanding of the bigger picture.  He understands the importance of presenting a united front in all of our design work. Joe takes the time to discuss all issues with me in the depth required, always with the patient attention to detail that is needed. It is a tremendous pleasure to deal with Thorley Creative."

- Dr Jeannet Kessels (BVSc Hons) Veterinary Surgeon
Springfield District Veterinary Clinic

Branding your vet surgery